You will frequently hear the mention of "The Family", but just who are they, this mythical, mystical family?

Let's start off with the head (or so he wants us all to believe) of the family:

Bjustice, Beejay, who will be known as Bj from this point on.
Bj is an avid fisherman, as we have noticed on several occasions during raids.
His favourite song is "You Can Keep Your Hat On".
Bj gets blamed for everything from the world economic crisis to losing a PvP fight, but don't worry, he can still teach us thing or two.
He tends to feel a bit unloved when the Main Tank (to be introduced later on) says "no loss" when he gets carried away and dropped by a Val'kyr during the Lich King fight.

Yadzia, Yadzea, who will be know as Yad from this point on.
Now, I suspect that Yad, who appears to be the "silent" partner in the family, is actually the head of the family, as well as being the guild's resident "Skyentist".
Favorite song? Hmmmm, she can't make up her mind between "Silence Is Golden" and "She Blinded Me With Science"

Notharam, who will be known as Noth from this point on.
Autorun fanatic and agro junkie.
He's got the art of tanking sorted to a T and isn't afraid to draw your attention to the fact that he's out agro'ing you.
Favorite song? Got to be "Under Pressure". That's how other tanks feel when tanking with him.

Lavelia, who will be known as Lav or 'Lil Miss Bossy from this point on.
Lav is the Raid Ogre errrr I mean Raid Leader / Master Looter, with more memory than any gaming pc I've ever seen.
Lav's favourite answer to almost any question? NO!
Don't dare to die during a fight because all that will happen is that Lav will take out the world's smallest violin and play "My Heart Bleeds For You"
Distance from each other during boss fights is of the utmost importance to Lav, sooo Favorite song? "Don't Stand So Close To Me".

We are all very proud to be able to say that we are able to be part of their extended family, WBB.
Keep up the good work guys. We will go from strength to strength !!

We Salute You