We Blame Bj (WBB) is a social guild that raids.

Our raiding is focused, yet casual and friendly. The main purpose of our raids is to have fun together. Gear is nice, but a secondary concern. Any drama over loot or performance in raids will not be tolerated. If you have a problem about anything in a raid, take it up with the Raid Officer after the raid.

No one is above the Team. No one is above the raid rules. Putting your own interests before the team will never be tolerated.

Situations not covered by rules. Should a situation arise that is not covered in the Guild or Raid Rules (or has not been decided on yet), the RL and officers will make a judgement call in the interest of fairness and guild progression.

When do we raid? We usually raid 1 to 2 times a week, usually on weekends and sometimes with a follow-up on weekdays. The type of raids varies depending on the available raid content, on Raid Leader availability and on interest.

What time is it? All times stated are given as Server Time (CET). It is normally 1930 - 2230 (with weekday raids starting 30 mins later at 2000). Invites normally start 10 mins before.

Who can join our raids? There are no Guild Rank restrictions, so you are welcome to sign-up for and join our raids from day 1. As long as you can contribute to the raid you are welcome to participate (i.e. no boosting). If you need to meet specific requirements to join a raid, it will be stated in the Discord Raid sign-up message, so read it carefully.

Raid Obligation: Attendance to any raid is non-obligatory and voluntary. However, to be able to do guild runs, we are dependent on sign-ups. Therefore, if you are raiding, we hope that you want to raid with your guildies, and that you sign up for the guild runs on Discord. However, if you decide to PuG prior to a Guild Run, please continue to sign up for Guild Runs with your Main even though you are loot saved.

If you have been raiding with us, please consider continuing doing so even after you have filled your gear slots. Your fellow guildies have joined you in glorious battle in the raids when you got your gear, so please pass it on to those that still have items to get, so we can continue with our guild raids, and to have fun together.

Sign-ups: Our raids are planned using Discord. Raids are posted by one of the Raid Officers at least 48 hours before.

If we have to cancel a raid due to lack of signups, or if we know that no raid will be happening that weekend, we will post in Discord and in Guild MOTD.

We understand that real life is more important than WoW. If you can't come after you signed up, make a message on Discord (or an Officer in-game), letting us know that we need to replace you for the upcoming raid.

If you sign up, but don't show without giving any notice, we may exclude you from the next upcoming run. If you signed and didn't show up, and were not able to inform someone in guild, please talk to an Officer as soon as you are able to, and let us know why you didn't show up.

Continuously signing up, being included in the team, but not bothering to turn up is definitely not acceptable, showing a lack of respect towards your fellow guildies.

This causes several problems including but not limited to the raid starting late, meaning less time to progress; having to take time to find PuG(s) or even the raid not happening at all.

Please treat others as you want to be treated.

What do you need for raiding? Discord is required for raids, so download it and make sure it is working well in time before the raid. Log-in details can be found in-game under the guild-info tab. If you have any problems, please contact an officer or fellow guildie to help you.

Add-ons: There are no mandatory addons, however we would prefer if you use a Boss Mod addon eg Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs.

Add-ons recording dps and hps such as Recount are allowed, but only for your personal use. Spamming "Recount Results" in Raid/Guild chat is NOT allowed. Reporting Recount values to bring out your "imbaness" is childish and has no place in our chats.

Raid preparation. Respect the designated Invite- and Go-times. Log on well in time before the raid. We expect you to be fully repaired.

Raid-wide high-level buff food is generally provided from the guild bank for progress raids (the Raid Leader usually brings it to the raid). It's also good if you bring a stack of personal buff food in case you are the only one who dies. You will also need your own food for non-progression bosses.

For the End Game content and for Progress Runs, we expect you to use a high level flask and potions appropriate for your class and that your gear is properly gemmed and enchanted.

During the raid: Be nice to each other. Harsh words and blame have no place in our raids. The only person we blame is Bjustice, whether he is in the raid or not.

We have the motto "We wipe, we learn". Leaving the raid before the pre-set End Time just because we wipe is selfish, and you are letting your fellow guildies down. The RL will decide what tactics are to be used for a certain encounter. Constructive suggestions are always welcome, and at times the RL will ask the raid for opinions. However, the RL choice is final.

If the goal of the raid is achieved before the pre-decided End Time, the RL usually asks the raid how they want to proceed. However, the RL has the final decision on the subject. If the goal has not been achieved at the pre-decided End Time, the RL will ask the raid if they want to continue. There is no obligation for any player to do so. No one will hold it against you if you vote “no” to continue at this stage.

We have designated breaks during the raid, how many depends on which raid it is and how smooth the fighting has been (many wipes makes us tired and more breaks are needed). If you must go AFK during a run, you must notify an Officer with an expected return time (use personal whisper, your message can easily be lost in RC). Do not expect that the raid will wait for you indefinitely. Generally, trash will be cleared without you. If you are away for a long time, we will not wait for you at the boss.

Disconnections can happen to all of us: Please try to re-log as soon as possible. The same rules as for AFK will apply. If you can’t login again, but still have Internet access, keep us apprised through Discord, so we know when we must start looking for a replacement. To avoid speculation on a deliberate DC, if you can't post a message for the reasons for your DC directly, please do so as soon as possible.

Dropping out of the raid after you got what you wanted is a reason for us to not invite you raid with us again. We brought you this far, so please continue with us, so others also can get new gear.

Leaving the raid because of a disagreement with anyone else in the group is also a reason not to be invited again. A certain amount of maturity and mutual respect is expected from our guild members.

Raid Chat & Discord: The same rules apply here as in Guild Chat. Respect is mandatory.

Raid Leaders. Each raid has a Raid Leader (RL, carries out ready checks, assigns tasks, decides when a fight begins etc)and an Assistant Raid Leader (ARL, who can receive whispers about people going AFK, helping with invites, apprise the raid of what is going on).

You must respect the Raid Leader's instructions and follow them. The RL decision is final.

Loot Rules: We believe that all players that helped to kill a boss deserve to share the loot. Therefore we do not have a DKP system (or equivalent). We use Personal Loot for our Progress Runs with Need before Greed for old content (transmog).

To save time you are expected to know beforehand what possible loot will drop from the various bosses and whether you are going to bonus roll for it or not.

Please be quiet during Raid Tactics and Looting in both Raid Chat and on Discord. This will prevent misunderstandings and save time. Remember, saving time means progress !

Accepted Rules: By joining our raids, it is understood that you have accepted these rules.

Happy Raiding!!!

Last updated: 25th February 2018