Officers are the people organizing the guild. The officer rank is NOT an honorary title with benefits, but rather it comes with responsibilities, duties and work.

1. Officers are expected to lead by example.

2. Officers are expected to adhere to the Guild Rules and Raid Rules, the same as non Officer guild members.

3. Being an Officer does not give you the right to flaunt your "power". As an Officer, you are still a guild member first and foremost.

4. All Officers have been allocated duties. By accepting to be become an Officer you are accepting the duties assigned to you, and are expected to carry them out to the best of your ability.

5. All discussions regarding members, such as misconduct, disputes etc. shall be kept in officer chat, party chat or as a personal whisper. Do not use Guild Chat to discuss membership matters or to reprimand guild members. If GC talk is getting out of hand, a simple "That's quite enough now, lets talk about something else..." is sufficient.

6. As officers you are expected to keep things said in confidence, kept in confidence. Don't discuss guild issues with non-officers. If in doubt about an issue, have a chat with another officer first, and then a decision can be taken as to whether it can be discussed with non Officers.

7. All Officers have the ability to remove someone from the guild as part of the regular guild roster cleanup.

8. Only Bj will have the authority to give warnings and/or to kick someone from the guild. This last resort will only be taken after hearing both sides of the argument, and If a compromise cannot be reached.

9. Officers are expected to visit Discord regularly, preferably most days, to be updated on what is happening in the guild.

10. As already stated in the Guild Rules, everyone is responsible for their own progression in game. Officers are under no obligation to assist guild members with questing, levelling etc. This is purely on a voluntary basis, and there should be no expectations of others to assist you. Officers and guild members are welcome to play with whomever they wish. If Officers or members wish to form their own parties for whatever reason, this is perfectly acceptable.

11. If an officer, for any reason, feels that he/she can't perform the Officer task assigned to him/her, he/she should ask for a demotion. This can be temporary or permanent, depending on the situation. No one will hold it against the officer for stepping down.

Accepted Rules: By being an Officer, it is understood that you have accepted these rules.

Last updated: 25th February 2018