We Blame Bj (WBB) is a social guild that raids. Our community is built on friendship and mutual respect. When you join us, consider members of WBB as your family. Treat all members as equals. Harsh words and blame have no place in our guild. As the guild name implies, the only one we can blame is Bjustice.

No one is above the team. We strive to better the guild and ourselves. But no single person makes a guild; it is our joint efforts that make us grow as individuals and as a guild. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Putting your own interests before the team will never be tolerated. Respect is mandatory. No member of WBB shall be discriminated against or harassed because of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age. Don't start drama. Childishness has no place here.

Personal chemistry plays a significant role in the group dynamics of a community. If you don't get along personally with another member, you are expected to treat this person with respect. Acting in any way to discredit or freeze out a member will not be tolerated.

If you have personal problems with a member of WBB, contact the Guild Master (GM) or an officer to inform them about why this tension exists, and they will try their best to resolve the situation. If the situation has occurred as a result of violations of the guild rules, actions will be taken accordingly (see below).

As a member of WBB you are representing the guild. Therefore, regardless of whether you play with guild members or with players outside the guild, we expect that you behave as such that you leave a good impression on people.

You are responsible for your own progression. It is not other members "job" to help you (e.g. with questing, gearing up etc.) at any given moment. Of course we encourage you to be supportive and to help each other out. If you give, you will receive. But don't give just so that you can demand something back. What you do is on a voluntary basis, no strings attached.

All activities regarding WoW are voluntary. Real life comes first. We have no demands upon any member's time or resources.

Chain of command: All organizations need structure to function. Therefore we have different ranks within the guild. Usually, decisions regarding guild activities are taken between all officers (after input from guild members). However, should no agreement be reached on a particular issue, the GM will always have the last word on any decisions.

Our guild should provide a pleasant and stimulating gaming environment. If you have constructive suggestions on to how to improve the guild, please do not hesitate to contact the GM or an officer.

Raiding: WBB is a social guild that raids. Our raiding is casual and friendly and the main purpose of our raids is to have fun together. Even so, we have specific rules for raiding/looting. This can be found at Raid Rules. When joining our raids, you automatically accept our raid rules.

Situations not covered by rules. Should a situation arise that is not covered in the Guild Rules (or has not been decided on yet), the GM and the officers will make a judgement call in the interest of what is best for the guild.

Violation of the Guild Rules: If you feel that these rules are being violated in any way, contact the GM or officers.

If you break any of these rules you will get a warning. Continued abuse will lead to being kicked from the guild.

Boosting and Begging: Boosting is helping a player with game content (e.g. quests, grinding, instances or raids), which the player is too low level for. We have some restrictions for boosting in the guild.

It is not forbidden to boost other players. If you want to, you may offer guildies and/or other friends boosts, but without requiring or expecting anything in return. We do not want you selling boosts to any other players.

We also do not want you to beg for boosts, in guild or outside the guild, since this is not good for the guild spirit.

However, it is of course allowed to ask for help with game contents of which you are at an appropriate level for. The important thing is how you ask. Constantly spamming the Guild Chat (GC) or whispering people begging for boosting or an unreasonable amount of help is not OK. Respect that people may be busy and do not expect that people should drop whatever they are doing to come and help you.

Continuously begging guild members or other players to give you e.g. materials, items or money is not allowed. As said before you are responsible for your own progress, and begging and nagging people to give you what they have worked hard for is not fair.

Discord: We use Discord in WBB. Information regarding our server can be found in the in-game guild tab. Please use our Discord invite link and start using it as soon as possible. Please use your in-game Main Char name as your nickname - other names are OK, only if that is what you are known by within WBB - else you are likely to be kicked from Discord. You do not have to speak, but just listening to other people chatting can be a good way to get to know your guildies. To be able to raid with us, Discord is a must. We also use Discord to arrange raid signups.

Behaviour in Guild Chat/ Discord: We all have different ways of expressing ourselves in Guild Chat and Discord. Don't expect everyone to share your enthusiasm. Also, depending on what channels are open, and depending on what a player is doing in game, it is easy to miss a chat in Guild Chat. Silence does not necessarily mean that you are being ignored.

Nevertheless, when you see a chat, please try to respond in some way. There is no rule to take part in all conversations in Guild Chat or Discord, but we have some requests for you, that will contribute to the guild spirit:

Please say "hello" when you log on, and "good bye" when you log off. When you log out, give the guildies a few seconds to see your chat before you log off. Also, try to respond to people logging on or off.

Do not meet questions and requests with silence because you don't know the answer or because you don't want to give a negative response. A simple "I don't know" or "No ty, busy atm" is better than complete silence.

Joking is an important part of socializing, and is of course encouraged in our guild. We all need a good laugh. However, be thoughtful of others even when joking. Making an ass out of yourself is funny, making an ass out of others is not. Please remember that certain language offends some people. Racial, homophobic, severely sexual or severely abusive language will not be tolerated.

We are all role models for our guild members and we are representatives of WBB. Do not talk badly about other players in any chat. It is not a crime not knowing what to do in a raid or a dungeon group. Therefore, do not refer to players as noobs (or equivalent) and/or talk badly about them in any chat.

If you want to warn your fellow guildies of a ninja-looter, ninja-puller or generally rude player, it is enough to merely state the fact to warn others rather than talking bad. Also, send a message to an officer about such a player so we can prevent invitations of rude people to the guild.

Absence: As said before we have no requirements on how much you play WoW. However, if you know that you will be away for more than a month, message us in Discord (a public channel or DM an Officer) letting us know when you will be away. If you haven't left a message about your absence and are off line for a prolonged period of time, you will be removed from the guild. Of course, real life can play tricks on us, so if your unannounced absence was unintentional, and you would like to join us again, please don't hesitate to contact an Officer and explain what happened.

Trade skills/Guild Bank: A Member with high-level trade skills is an important asset to the guild. Therefore, some materials from the guild bank may occasionally be used to advance your trade skill/personal collection. You are allowed to withdraw 1 item per day from each of the first 5 tabs. However, the main bulk of the items you need for levelling/achievements you must gather yourself. Don't make a habit of constantly begging for mats in GC or in whispers.

If you want to, you may deposit materials and items in our guild bank for others to use. It will be highly appreciated if you use your trade skill to create items for your fellow guildies (with their materials of course). To make a profit out of your trade skill, sell your items at AH, not to your guildies. Our motto is "Pass it on". If someone helped you, help someone else in the guild in return. You may not resell materials and items from the guild bank or that guildies have made for you.

NB Officers will, on occacsion, clean out the guild bank of those items that have been there for a long time, to reduce clutter, and sell them on the AH/vendor. The money raised from this activity will be put back into the guild bank.

Accepted Rules: By being a part of the guild, it is understood that you have accepted these rules.

Last updated: 25th February 2018