Who can join?: When WBB are recruiting new members, any player of any level that is willing to contribute to guild progression and guild spirit is welcome to join WBB. We have no requirements regarding char class, spec or level, levelling speed, or what you want to do when playing WoW (e.g. levelling, earning achievement points, PvP, raiding or just chatting). When you join us, it is assumed that you have read and accepted all the Guild Rules.

Who can't join?: We want our guild to prosper and to have good reputation. Therefore rude, immature, selfish and loot-crazed players will not be able to join us. If you take the game too seriously, if you only want help and to be boosted (see separate section on begging/boosting in the Guild Rules) without giving in return, then we will not invite you (or if we discover that you are doing this after you have been invited, you will be removed from the guild). We have a minimum age requirement of 16 years.

Guild Ranks:

Trial: You are subject to a trial period.

Away: You are currently inactive. Members that are inactive for a long time without notice will be removed from the guild. See Guild Rules for further information.

Unauthenticated: You have a rank above Trial, but you do not have an authenticator.

Member: You are now a full member of WBB.

Honorary: You have been a full member of WBB in the past, but you are not able to currently commit permanently to the game. When you are able to play with us, you are a very active WBB Member.

Officer: You are a Member with a job.

GM: The GM is our boss and the Member that we blame.

Invitation: Before being invited to WBB, you will need to read and accept all the Guild Rules. When invited, you will get the rank “Trial”. All new members are subject to a trial period, which will be based on their social maturity and willingness to play as part of a team. If we feel that you are not capable of this, you will fail your trial. There is no pre-set trial time. We will review your membership when we feel the time is right and feel that you've become part of our community. However, if we haven't had a chat with you regarding promotion to Member within two months after invitation, please do not hesitate to contact an officer for a chat.


Promotion to Member: If you make active contributions to the guild, you may become a full Member of WBB. There are many ways to contribute to our community. Some examples are: being active in Guild Chat, taking part in our guild events, being a good friend, taking care of new members and being generally supportive. To prevent the Guild Bank from being robbed by account hackers, you must have an authenticator to be able to withdraw items from our Guild Bank. Therefore Members and Officers that are not authenticated will have the rank “Unauthenticated”. Your authenticator is detected automatically in game.

Promotion to Officer: All members are equals and shall be treated with respect. Officers are the people organizing the guild. The officer rank is therefore NOT an honorary title with benefits, but rather it comes with responsibilities, duties and work. Should the guild need a person to be responsible for a certain task, the GM will ask a suitable person if he/she is willing to put in the necessary work. If so, the person will be promoted to officer. Just because you are not asked to become an officer does not mean that anyone thinks any less of you.

Accepted Rules: By being a part of the guild, it is understood that you have accepted these rules.

Last updated: 25th February 2018